A Christmas Carol

December 1-4, 8-11, 2016

book, music, & lyrics by Dale Lyles

The timeless story of the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge, his journeys with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet To Come, that lead him to the true meaning of Christmas, happiness, and life. Bob Crachitt, young Tiny Tim, Old Man Fezziwig, and all the Dickens characters come to life in this holiday favorite written and directed by Dale Lyles, the founder of Newnan Theatre Company.

Cast & Crew

Director - Dale Lyles



Grandfather - Richard Stender

Jessica - Evie Moss

Natalie - Lacey Daniell

Gracie - Isabella Ribeiro-Sonera

Roxanne - Daphne Thomas

Samantha - Laine Moss

Matthew - Christian Foster

Robert - Nate Thomas

Lila - Elizabeth Hand

Sarah - Sarah Van Amberg


Fred - JohnPatrick VanSant

Ebenezer Scrooge - John Caldwell

Philanthropic Lady - Tiffini Taylor

Bob Cratchit - Kelley Davenport

Jacob Marley - Mike Maloy

The Past

Ghost of Christmas Past - Miranda Aycock

Young Ebenezer - Christian Foster

Fannie - Isabella Ribeiro-Sonera

Fezziwig - Kelley Davenport

Ebenezer - Christian Foster

Dick Wilkin - Nate Thomas

Mrs. Fezziwig - Lil Caldwell

Belle - Hannah Davenport/Kelley Hardy

The Present

Ghost of Christmas Present - Richard Stender

Victoria’s Mother - Tiffini Taylor

Mrs. Cratchit - Kelley Hardy

Martha Cratchit - Sarah Van Amberg

Tiny Tim - Miranda Aycock

Scrooge’s Niece - Hannah Davenport

Topper - McKenna Schmidt

Niece’s Sister - Tiffini Taylor

The Future

1st Man - Kelley Davenport

2nd Man - Mike Maloy

3rd Man - JohnPatrick VanSant

4th Man - Tiffini Taylor

5th Man - Hannah Davenport

Mrs. Snagsby - Kelley Hardy

Old Joe - JohnPatrick VanSant

Mrs. Dilber - Lil Caldwell

The Finale

Boy - Elizabeth Hand

Poulterer - Mike Maloy

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