2017-18 Season Auditions

Noises Off

Newnan Theatre Company is pleased to announce auditions for Noises Off, by Michael Frayn. This modern classic comedy/farce concerns the production of a play called “Nothing On”, and the completely erratic cast and crew of the show. The show’s director, Lloyd Dallas, is trying his best to make “Nothing On” a hit show, but he is dealing with drunk actors, diva actresses, and younger talent who are just trying their best to become theatre legends. Things are down to the wire, just a few days from opening night, and, well, the show isn’t coming together quite like Lloyd wanted it to be.

Performances will be May 10 - 20, 2018 Thursday–Sunday.

Auditions will be on Sunday/Monday, February 25 - 26 at Newnan Theatre Company from 7:00–9:00 pm. The director is Tony Daniel.


Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script as well as improv exercises and some physical comedy exercises. NTC's Artistic Director, Tony Daniel, is directing this play. All of the roles in this play are extremely comedic, and will test the limits of the actors’ comedy skills.

Roles available:

Dotty Otley – female, 45 – 50 yrs old. An actress, she is an attractive but fading former leading lady, dating Gar

Lloyd Dallas – male, 50-ish years old. He is authoritative, tempermental, sharp-tongued, and involved in a love triangle that complicates both his work and private life.

Selsdon Mowbray – male, 60-ish. An actor and practicing alcoholic who is hard of hearing, especially when it suits him. He is also rarely around when he is needed, (especially when his entrance cues come up). 

Frederick Fellowes – male, early 40’s. An actor, extremely nervous and a bit dim. He constantly overcomplicates the direction he is given. He has an extreme aversion to violence and blood.

Belinda Blair – female, 30-45 yrs old. An actress, sensible, reliable, positive, and a bit of a gossip. She fancies herself the glue that holds any production together.

Garry LeJeune – male, 27-35 yrs old. An actor who does his best to keep the company morale high. He is easily flustered, a bit jealous, and often loses his train of thought.  (This role in particular will need a high level of physical comedy skills.)

Brooke Ashton – female, 27-35 yrs old. An actress, gorgeous, sexy, and as vacant as an abandoned farm. She is generally oblivious to everyone and everything going on around her. She is in constant search of her contact lens. 

Tim Allgood – male, 22 – 29 yrs old. Company manager and stage manager for “Nothing On.” He is overworked, sleep-deprived, and generally exhausted. He is juggling a thousand different jobs and crises. 

Poppy Norton-Taylor – female, 22 – 29. She is the assistant stage manager for “Nothing On.” She desperately attempts to keep the show AND company from falling apart. She is emotional, overly sensitive, and often on the verge of tears.


Newnan Theatre Company does not charge production fees of any kind to any performer to take part in our productions.

All roles are non-equity/non-paying.

If you have questions about these auditions or any production please email NTC’s Artistic Director, Tony Daniel, at artistic-director@newnantheatre.org.