Happy 1800th Birthday Santa!!!

Santa is turning the big 1800 years old, and you’re invited to celebrate with all of his closest friends (and a few enemies)! Bob Cratchit and Mrs. Claus are going all out to make this the most memorable summer in Santa’s life. All they need is for everything to go completely as planned. Unfortunately, siblings Kurt and Katey Freeman are finally going through with their plan to sneak in Santa’s Workshop. And the trouble they cause will be much more catastrophic than just a few broken toys.

Join Mrs. Claus, Bob Cratchit, Elf on the Shelf, The Silver Bell Carolers, The Sentient Nutcracker, Cindy Lou Who, and more as they try to live through the night long enough to wish Santa a Happy Birthday!

Come see if you can solve the crimes as Newnan Theatre Company presents “Happy 1800th Birthday Santa! A Holly Jolly Murder Mystery,” the annual interactive murder mystery.

Rated PG-13

Tickets are $40 per person and are available online or by calling the theatre at 770-683-6282. Contact artistic director Tony Daniel at artistic-director@newnantheatre.org with any questions.



Bob Cratchit (Lenton Lees)

Bridget The Christmas Ham (Sarah Lees)

Chad Claus (Daniel Powell)

Clarice (Lily Smith)

Cindy Lou Who (Annamaria Colon-Ortiz)

Donation Santa (Abbie Schaeffer)

Ebenezer Scrooge (Lance Smith)

Elf on the Shelf (Beth Lyons)

Katey Freeman (Heather Walker)

Kurt Freeman (Jake Azarowics)

Mrs. Claus (Amy Beaucham)

Santa Claus (Robert Stowe)

The Grinch (Joel Gould)

The Sentient Nutcracker (Jerry Schutjer)

The Silver Bell Carolers (Danielle Lyons, Daniel Powell, Donnie Dorsey, Andy Lees)

Tiny Tim (Ronald Grooms)