2017-18 Season Auditions

Evil Dead the Musical

Newnan Theatre Company is pleased to announce auditions for Evil Dead: The Musical, book and lyrics by George Reinblatt, music by Frank Cipollo, Christopher Bond, Melissa Morris, and George Reinblatt. The show combines the fun, horror, and special effects of the movies Evil Dead, Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn, and Army of Darkness, except now with musical numbers! With classics like “Look Who’s Evil Now,” “What The F@ck Was That?” and “All The Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons,” this show is sure to be a hit. Not to mention the joys of being completely drenched in stage blood by the end of the performance. 

Performances will be October 19 – 29, 2017. Auditions will be on August 6 – 7, 2017, on the Mainstage of Newnan Theatre Company at 7 pm. 

Auditions will consist of a prepared 1-2 minute song of a humorous nature. Please bring accompaniment in mp3 format. A mp3 player will be provided. There will also be some cold readings from the script. Wear comfortable clothing as movement and choreography will be part of the audition as well.

Roles available for auditions:

ASH – Male, early to mid 20’s (Range: Baritone, C#3 – Bb4) An employee at S-Mart, on his one and only vacation all year. Optimistic about the cabin in the middle of the woods despite the obvious paranormal activity.

CHERYL – Female, early to mid 20’s (Range: Alto, G3 – F#5) Ash’s lonely sister. Decides to join the group to spend the weekend reading, sleeping, and baking. Scares easily. Perhaps the only person to see the possessed cabin for what it is. The first to succumb to possession

ANNIE – Female, mid 20’s (Range: Alto, B3-A5) Arrives home from Egypt after locating the Book of the Dead. On a mission to translate the book to save the world. All the men in her past have been killed by Candarian demons. DOUBLES SHELLY, a random girl who Scott picked up drunk in a bar three days ago.

LINDA – Female, early 20’s (Range: Soprano, A3 – E5) Also works at S-Mart and dating Ash. Never thought she would meet the man of her dreams at S-Mart. The voice of reason. Always concerned about the other people in the cabin, especially Cheryl.

SCOTT – Male, early to mid 20’s (Range: Tenor, D3-G4) Doesn’t care about anyone other than himself, unless they can get him laid. Constantly demeaning. Makes fun of people for being scared of obviously creepy things (like talking trees). Blatant and straight to the point.

ED – Male, mid 20’s (Range: Bass, A2 – F#4) Deeply in love with Annie. Nothing special about him. Longs to be more than just an extra character within the musical. DOUBLES MOOSE, a possessed moose head on the wall of the cabin.

JAKE – Male, mid 30’s (Range, Baritone, G#4 – F#4) Good, old, and reliable. Seems to know far too much about the musical. Spends his time wandering the woods around the cabin.

FAKE SHEMP – Male, Age Flexible (Range, Ensemble/Part Flexible) This role is basically all the small roles in the show – the severed hand, the headless body, etc. It is also optional that these roles can be spread out to others, so more people can be involved in the show.

Auditons are scheduled for August 6 -7, 2017 at 7 pm on the NTC Mainstage. There may be need of a callback night, but, as of now, these are the only dates scheduled for auditions.

Newnan Theatre Company does not charge production fees of any kind to any performer to take part in our productions. All roles are non-Equity/non-paying.

Directed by Tony Daniel.

Newnan Theatre Company does not charge production fees of any kind to any performer to take part in its productions.

All roles are non-equity/non-paying.

If you have questions about these auditions or any production please email NTC’s Artistic Director, Tony Daniel, at artistic-director@newnantheatre.org.