Blackpool and Parrish

Apr 12–15, 19–22, 2018

by David Belke


For five millennia Harry Blackpool has been the agent for all Evil on Earth, while Rachel Parrish has represented Good. These implacable foes meet in a private club every twenty five years. With the end of the world scheduled for tomorrow at teatime, they must pass their duties to their oblivious heirs: a mild mannered physical education teacher and an aggressively Bohemian artist. Caught in the middle of their cosmic gamesmanship is an anxious club manager. As the sole representative of humanity, he may be the key to Armageddon's outcome in this fast paced comedy of apocalyptic proportions.

Cast & Crew

Director - Jeff Allen


Harry Blackpool - Robert Stowe

Rachel Parrish - Jennifer Dorrell

Timothy Page - Corey Hendrick

Adam Blackpool - Christian Pollak

Tiffany Parrish - Elisabeth Sandlin