A Charlie Brown Christmas

Dec 14–17 21–23, 2017

by Charles M. Schulz                                                                                   based on the television special by Bill Melendez and Lee Mendelson      stage adaptation by Eric Schaeffer                                                                    by special arrangement with Arthur Whitelaw and Ruby Persson


When Charlie Brown complains about the overwhelming materialism he sees in everyone during the Christmas season, Lucy suggests that he become director of the school Christmas pageant. Charlie Brown accepts, but this proves to be a frustrating endeavor. When an attempt to restore the proper holiday spirit with a forlorn little Christmas fir tree fails, he needs Linus’ help to discover the real meaning of Christmas.

Cast & Crew

Director - Lamar Payne


Charlie Brown - Jack Higgins

Snoopy - Houston Hamby

Lucy - Sonya Thomas

Linus - Christian Lund

Pig Pen - Caleb McDonald

Frida - Lilia Trahan

Schroeder - Alexander Rice

Violet - Katlynn Boswell

Sally: Olivia Rodriquez

Patty: Evie Moss

Shermy: Harrison Hamby

Woodstock: Elle McCall

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