Into the Woods, Mar 19-29, 2015

Music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; book by James Lapine

INTO THE WOODS  music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim book by James Lapine

music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
book by James Lapine

Stephen Sondheim's fairy tale masterpiece comes to life with one of the most vocally talented casts ever assembled at Newnan Theatre Company!


A childless Baker (Candler Budd) and his wife (Emily Budd) are sent into the woods by the Witch next door (Sofia Siraj) to fetch the ingredients to a potion she wants to make.  Only then will she lift the curse she put on their house long ago when the Baker's father stole the magic beans from her garden.

Along the way they encounter Jack (Gabriel Caballero); Cinderella (Sarah Vinson); Rapunzel (Kat Duncan); and Little Red Riding Hood (Katie Timmins), each one of whom holds one of the keys to their happiness.

At the end of Act I all the characters seem to have gotten their wish and reached their Happy Ever After, but in Act II the consequences of everyone's actions begin to play out, and they find that perhaps it's not so wise to steal from the Giant or stray from the path. In the end, they must pull together in the face of tragedy to survive.

Cast & Crew

Director: Jacob Demlow

Stage Manager: Terri Whitley

Choreographer : Paul Conroy

Musical Director - Erin Roesel Walton

Baker: Candler Budd

Baker's Wife: Emily Budd

The Boy: Gabe Bowles

Cinderella: Sarah Vinson

Cinderella's Father: John Caldwell

Cinderella's Mother: Courtney Dow

Cinderella's Prince: Scott Berta

Granny: Janet Granski

Jack : Gabriel Caballero

Jack's Mother - Melinda Copelan

Little Red Riding Hood: Katie Timmins

Narrator/Mysterious Man: Dale Lyles

Rapunzel: Kat Duncan

Rapunzel ' s Prince: Jarrett Heatherly

Sleeping Beauty: Olivia Diaz

Snow White: Ann Moore

Stepmother: Rachel Wise

Stepsister Florinda: Amber Kelley

Stepsister Lucinda:  Valerie Noland

Steward : John Patrick VanZant

Witch: Sofia Siraj

Wolf: Dale Lyles

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