Noises Off

May 10–13, 17–20, 2018

by Michael Frayn


Called the funniest farce ever written, Noises Off presents a manic menagerie as a cast of itinerant actors rehearsing a flop called Nothing's On. Doors slamming, on and offstage intrigue, and an errant herring all figure in the plot of this hilarious and classically comic play. If it can go wrong, it will go wrong, and Murphy’s Law gets tested to its maximum in this hysterical show.

Cast & Crew

Director - Tony Daniel


Dotty Otley - Andi Laaker
Lloyd Dallas - Lance Smith
Garry Lejeune - Chaz Ferguson
Brooke Ashton - Emily Kimbell
Poppy Norton-Taylor - Ann Moore
Frederick Fellowes - Cody Baum
Belinda Blair - Michelle Mason
Tim Allgood - Luke Bennett
Selsdon Mowbray - Ralph Myers