The Santaland Diaries

December 14-18, 2016

By Dave Sedaris

The Santaland Diaries is NPR Contributor David Sedaris' hilarious one-man send-up of his brief, misguided career as a Macy's elf. The show skewers our sentimental love of all things Christmas such as the happy children, the spritely elves, the gifts, and good cheer. Sedaris' character, Crumpet the Elf, shows us the other side of what it's like to work at Santaland, and the result is bawdy and irreverent, but always fun. Sedaris finds the heart within the madness of a Christmas season in the world of retail shopping.

Cast & Crew

Director - Tony Daniel

Assistant Director - Sydney Willard


Elf - Jeff Allen

Gallery of photos