The Boys Next Door

March 7-10, 14-17, 2019

By Tom Griffin


The Boys Next Door tells the story of four men with various mental disabilities who have been placed in a group home. It takes place over a two-month period and shows, through a series of vignettes, how the men are trying to fit in and find their place in society again. The men, as well as their caretaker, Jack, have their work cut out for them as they deal with people around them and the world.

Cast & Crew

Director - Richard McMichen


Arnold Wiggins - Michael Maske

Lucien P. Smith - Jason Schmidt

Norman Bulansky - Matt Perdue

Barry Klemper - Josh Hendricks

Jack - Michael Roach

Sheila - Faith Farrell

Mr. Klemper - Steven Denham

Mrs. Fremus/Mrs. Warren/Clara - Terri Whitley

Mr. Hedges/Mr. Corbin/Senator Clarke - Joseph Moore